Top 5 Reasons Why Your Content is Not Going Viral

With content marketing playing an important role in Social media, brands have been utilizing useful content as one element of their marketing strategies.  

However, due to the number of content being published on a daily basis, some content gets lost amongst the competitive online marketing landscape.

If your brand is not producing high-quality content and is not engaging your targeted audience, it could be quite a struggle to attract customers, especially if your content is holding you back.

WhoisHostingThis created an infographic that lists the reasons why your content isn’t going viral and provided some tips to improve your content creation.

Here are a few points from the infographic:

1) Lack of Emotional Appeal

  • Readers share content they can laugh to, relate to, or sympathize with.

2) Non-shareable content

  • Readers share content that is valuable and generally useful for them.

To find out more about what’s holding back your content from being shared, check out the infographic:


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Kristel Cuenta
As Social Media Manager, Kristel is responsible for managing our client’s social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and other social channels. She is in charge of planning and executing audience engagement and development strategies.
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