On-Site Training & Strategy Development

In today’s online marketing space, many companies have taken the steps to employ their own internal staff and teams, dedicated to social media marketing.

However, with social media being so broad, and for many companies a new area of marketing all together, it is helpful to have someone with years of experience to review your companies involvement and goals in social media, improve your teams understand of social media, and review and improve your social media strategy.

As a part of our On-Site Training & Strategy Development program, we will visit your company to review your social media programs, discuss improvements that can be made in multiple areas, and make sure your strategy is strong and effective in the ever changing online marketing space.

Here are some of the things we provide:

  • On-Site Review of current social media marketing efforts
  • Open discussion on the evolution and value of Social Media, in relation to content marketing, SEO, and marketing in general
  • Q&A around Social Media Marketing, welcoming healthy debate
  • Training on requested areas of interest
  • Review of campaigns, internal or client related, for learning purposes and improvements
  • Follow up calls and meetings to discuss additional questions, as well as review any improved strategies

Please contact us for more information or to get started with our On-Site Training & Strategy Development services.