Facebook Officially Introduces ‘Save For Later’ Feature

Has this ever happened to you?  You see a great article on Facebook, an interesting place recommended to you, or a great song, click the link and enjoy the content. Then a day or so later, you want to find the link, but there is no way you can retrieve them? We’ve all (probably) been there.

Worry no more, as you can now save items that you find on Facebook to read or revisit later with the platform’s new “Save” feature!

We noticed this feature rolling out to limited number of users back in 2012, but it is only recently, that Facebook has officially introduced it.


Image via: theverge.com

This feature allows users to save an item to a “Saved” section of their Facebook timeline. Facebook automatically organizes your saved content by type.


Image via: newsroom.fb.com

Facebook “Save” feature will also show you reminders of your saved (probably unread) items in your News Feed every once in a while!

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And probably the best thing about Save? Your saved items are all private by default, unless you opt to share them with your friends!

This feature will soon be available to all users in a few days. You can visit Facebook’s Help Center for more information about Save!

Do you find this feature helpful? What type of content would you probably save the most?

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