5 Ways to Drastically Improve Social Media Productivity

We at Kairay Media always love finding ways to get things done more efficiently…. (well, who doesn’t?!) It’s vital for us, social media managers, content marketers, and other professionals in the industry to use their time wisely and productively, as you can easily get distracted when working in online marketing, especially social media marketing.

So, here are our top 5 tips on how to drastically improve your social media productivity.

social media productivity

Curate Content That Interests Your Audience


Curating content accomplish two goals in one effort. It is not only a great way to improve your visibility online, but also an effective way (when done right…) to save time.  By finding good content online and sharing it with your community, you will improve your influence, engagement, following, and all in a very time efficient way. 

Among the free content curation tools available, I personally love BuzzSumo the most.


BuzzSumo gives you articles, Infographics, and other types of content that are trending and hot across all social channels. This will give you an idea of what your audience and potential followers love to read and share. Once you have discovered the right content, you can now efficiently curate articles and even remake concepts into your own original content.

Find the most suitable platform for your brand

While you can be on any social media channel you want, it is important to identify which social platforms are best suited for your brand. Once you have identified the most effective platforms, the next productivity hack is properly setting your priorities.

For example, if your audience is mostly women, then you may want to focus your efforts on reaching out to influencers who are on women-dominated social media sites like Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest and Instagram.

Women in Social Media

Manage your pages with the RIGHT scheduling tool 

Social media managers who handle several social media pages will agree that post publishing can take up hours of your time. And because your time is precious, you need a productivity hack that will help you manage your social updating time effectively. There’s a tool for that! (Well, there are… a lot!)


Scheduling tools like Hootsuite and Buffer are life savers. If you want to publish a post at a specific time, you can easily do so by using these tools to set the time when you want your them to publish the updates, and voila! You can now begin adding lunch back to your day!

Social Media today published a helpful post that compares these two scheduling tools. Both have unique benefits, but we highly recommend using only one scheduling tool to manage your accounts. At the end of the day, what matters most is the goal you want to achieve when using these tools, so check out the comparison, try them both out, and pick the best one for you.

Create beautiful graphics using free image tools

Unless you’re a professional graphic designer, you may find it difficult to create beautiful posters and graphics required to go with your social media posts. To those who are graphically-challenged, its time to meet Canva, a time-saving tool that creates beautiful social media graphics. Canva is a free image tool that has a lot of  available easy-to-modify templates to choose from.

When I first tried this tool for image creation, it only took me about 10 minutes to complete a quality social media graphic.


Leverage the Power of your Community

Reaching out to your target audience is one of the most hyper efficient strategies you can integrate in your daily social media strategy. By creating, joining, and engaging communities where your influencers and audience are, you can effectively boost not only your social media presence through being noticed more and more, but also harness your productivity. Remember that when you engage them appropriately, you can then leverage the power of your influencers as they share your content to their volume of followers.

Social media can be very consuming as it can wrap up the majority of your time  — but when you find that productivity sweet spot, it will be FUN rather than exhausting and lets face it, if your not having fun doing social media, then you’re doing it wrong.

Have a unique productivity hack to manage your social media? Tell us your ways to be more productive in the comments section below.




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  • Hi Kristel – Thank you for including Canva in your productivity post! Peg, Head of Social @Canva

  • stevenrayson

    Hi Kristel, thanks for the BuzzSumo mention. We are due to launch our new pro version at the start of September let me know if you would like Beta access. Also if you want to see some of the new features like Alerts and analysis reports check out this sneak preview https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gu5KT51699g

  • KristelCuenta1

    PegFitzpatrick  Hi Peg! You are welcome. I’ve always loved Canva. Heard it first from GuyKawasaki. You guys did an amazing job on this *AWESOME* tool. 🙂

  • KristelCuenta1

    stevenrayson Hi Steve! Thank you. These features should be extra helpful! Where can I send you an email for the beta request?