What are Social Ads?

Social Advertising represents content that’s displayed to users on a variety of popular and widely used social networks, social aggregation sites, and sharing sites. Ads are strategically blended into the social sites that will best represent your campaign. Our Social Ads service is the best way to purchase engaged visitors that don’t feel forced into content.

This proven system helps content receive a better response, which in turn leaves viewers more engaged, so they stay on your site longer. It is this response coupled with our natural approach that in some cases has led to continued traffic even after the Ad Campaign has ended.

Our Social Ads Services

Social Ads are provided on many of the top sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Youtube, and many other top social platforms.

With over 8 years experience running social media campaigns in the top social sites, we have developed effective strategies, along with some of the more powerful social media accounts and profiles. Our knowledge, understanding, and relationships within the social ad networks generates better overall results. All of this allows us to provide a Social Ads offering we not only believe in, but use ourselves on a number of internal projects.

Here are a number of the elements we incorporate in our Social Ads Offering:

Social Signals – Every time someone votes for, shares, or comments on your content in social media, and when they come back to your site and take secondary social actions within your site, they are sending quality signals to the search engines and other social sites.

Many influential sites, including the search engines, are using these signals when determining what content they will show their users.

Quality Control – Right from the start, when you request Social Ads for yourself or your clients, we determine how influential and receptive the site project can be. This helps us determine the best social sites that are likely to engage the viewers with the sites content once the ad goes live.

We score a variety of factors and if it passes, we engage in the project. If for some reason, it does not pass our audit, we will provide:

  • A list of the risks so that you can make a decision to go forward or not.
  • Guides and information on what needs to be improved so that we can accept the project.

This allows us to identify and explain the risks and likelihood of success for Social Ads, right from the start.Secondly, we provide a similar audit system for every individual Social Ads campaign you request from your purchased package.

Targeting – We have a large number of sites we can promote within, but not all sites are appropriate for every campaign. Some sites are focused around specific niches, while other sites might have a history of being unfavorable to specific topics.

During both phases of the Quality Control Audits, we will determine which sites are best for the project and for the individual campaigns. We will make sure that we can find the best results for Social Ad placement of your campaign to naturally blend into the site.

Effort and Care – Our team is dedicated and focused on providing the best results possible on each and every campaign. This is accomplished by paying close attention to a variety of important elements, such as:

  • Researching the best Title, Description, Categories, and Tags for each campaign to make sure it fits with the social media sites we are advertising within.
  • Monitoring the campaign for the entire lifecycle and providing additional social support.
  • Providing comments that match the tone of the social site and also provide direction in conversation to control the general feeling about the content itself.
  • Finding additional marketing opportunities that fit the content, even if it is outside of the specified sites included in the campaign.
  • Outreach to influencers to get additional traction and natural coverage.

Reports – We are constantly looking to improve our reports to show more important information about your Social Ads campaigns. Right now we are able to provide both visual and excel based reports, that detail the various results from each of the major social sites we are advertising within.

Understanding the Value of Social Ads

What does advertising your content on social sites really do for your online marketing strategy?

In short, advertising your content on one or more social media communities provides you the opportunity to get a lot of visibility in front of possibly the largest audience of influencers on the web.

This leads to the following:

Quality Traffic – When a specific site is deciding that your content is something their audience would enjoy, then they are providing you their targeted audience as visitors, which can lead to good branding, conversions, bookmarks, etc.

Natural Inbound Links – Since you are simply taking the steps in order to have your content visible for influencers, when they pick your content to use as a source and link to from their articles or updates, they are providing high quality natural links that can improve your search engine rankings.

Branding – Of course when your site is referenced as the source on a lot of quality sites and from influencers in social networking sites, it continues to brand people and let them know your site exists. The more you succeed, the more branding you attain.

Conversions – Social users might not convert as well as we would like, but the targeted second flood of traffic you get from the influencers that shared or sourced your content, is much more targeted and often converts quite well.

Improved Rankings – This is a bit trickier, but we all know natural inbound links have a chance at improving your search rankings, and the search engines are taking social signals into account these days.

Social Profile Growth – As social users come into your sites content, through Social Ads, they are more likely to end up clicking on your social community buttons and following your various social community pages, like Facebook and Twitter.

Feedback – When it comes to advertising to potential clients, you can become blinded by your own knowledge of your industry. Through Content Marketing, you will get honest feedback from regular people on the quality of your content, site, products, services, and your brand in general, which can be invaluable to improving your business and advertising efforts.

It is very important to note that success in Social Ads does not promise any of the above results, but rather provides you the opportunity to get them naturally by blending your advertised content into social sites in-front of a very large body of influencers. Just like any other form of visibility marketing, it is dependent on many factors, such as day of week, time of day, what else is popular at the same time your content is, what category, what site, how well the content is written, etc.

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