Case Study: Growth of Social Media (Infographic)

In October 2013, Pixel Road Designs started working on an updated version of the Growth of Social Media Infographic for Search Engine Journal, which was published on November 15, 2013.


The original Infographic had a ton of success, receiving a lot of links, traffic, and ranking really well, so I worked with Pixel Road Designs on SEJ’s behalf to come up with an updated version that would really showcase the current Growth of Social Media.

To avoid making the longest Infographic ever, we had to limit the social sites we included to only the ones we felt people were really interested in, which is why some may be excluded from the Infographic.

We decided to keep the design very simple, so that the data was really the star, along with allowing the individual elements of the Infographic to be reused as individual images for social sharing and promotion.


Campaign Goals

Our main goal for this campaign was to recreate and update a successful Infographic, using better design and updated stats, to continue to leverage the interest in Social Media’s growth, resulting in links, traffic, branding, etc.

Approach Used

We always discuss and determine which social sites we will be engaging with, along with what approach we should take as far as Title, Description, and Categories chosen for the campaign. After that was completed, we started getting the content out to the top communities and the campaign begun. We utilized the various smaller elements of the Infographic as individual graphics, promoting them over time on a schedule in top social communities like Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, and more.

Right away we started to see a lot of pickup from the promotion, with the Infographic being shared, referenced, and linked to almost immediately.

Social Communities and Platforms Engaged


  • Front page of Reddit’s Infographic section
  • Over 1,300 views on StumbleUpon and climbing
  • 550+ re-pins on Pinterest
  • 660+ Facebook shares
  • 825+ Retweets on Twitter
  • 475+ Google+ votes
  • 200+ LinkedIn votes
  • Featured on Pinfographics
  • Featured on
  • Featured on Flickr Infographics groups with over 13,000 followers
  • Picked up on a number of Infographic sites and Tumblr pages
  • Received over 200 natural authority links
  • Ranks for 6 out of the 10 spots on page 1 of Google for ‘growth of social media’, which is a researching phrase.


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