Having Long Term Success with Reddit

Last week, I presented at Pubcon about one of my favorite topics; Reddit.

Specifically I spoke about how to approach Reddit in a way that will ensure you have long term success on the site, instead of just looking at a single promotion or effort.

Reddit is an amazing site, which unfortunately more marketers just really don’t pay enough attention to.


Lets take a look at Reddit real quick:

  • 200+ Million Unique Visits a month
  • Over 8 Billion Page Views a month
  • 62% US audience
  • 80% English speaking audience
  • Median Age is 35
  • Median Income around $70,000
  • Around 80% college educated
  • Over 90% making purchases in the last 6 months
  • Focused on learning and engagement
  • The catalyst for most things going ‘viral’ on the web today

Now take into account that Reddit:

  • Just recently raised $50 million with a $500 million valuation
  • Both original founders have re-joined the core team with leadership roles
  • They just launched Upvoted.com as their online publication of whats popular on Reddit
  • They are creating their first ever ‘growth team’ to start working on site growth
  • They are looking to revamp the sites ranking Algorithm, to better showcase quality content

Still not interested in marketing on Reddit???

Anyhow, I have been marketing on Reddit for about 10 years, so it is a site and a topic I am very familiar and passionate about.

Here is my presentation on Reddit from Pubcon, and if you check out my SlideShare you will find other recent presentations on Reddit as well.

Virginia Nussey happened to write a recap about the session, which you can read here and it was included in Search Engine Journal’s Recap Post.

I will be speaking about Brands on Reddit on November 10th in Atlanta, GA, at SEJ Summit Atlanta, if you happen to be in the area then you should register for an invite here -> http://www.searchenginejournal.com/sejsummit2015/atlanta/

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  • I believe that most marketers are confused by Reddit because it reminds me of Web 1.0, and we all know how hectic Web 1.0 was.