Facebook Testing ‘Watch Later’ Button for Videos

Over the past few months, Facebook has been putting a lot of effort behind its video experience for users.

Yesterday, Facebook started testing a ‘Watch Later’ feature, which as it suggests, allows users to save any native video (videos directly uploaded to Facebook) to their Saved section.


Image via Adweek

Right now it appears to only be showing up for desktop users, but should roll out to a wider audience shortly.

7-16-2015 11-32-25 PM

The Saved feature was rolled out last year, enabling users to save items as they browse the site. Just like any other items in the folder, only you can see the videos you saved unless you choose to share them with your friends.

7-16-2015 11-37-53 PM



Facebook definitely appears to be stepping up its competition with Youtube, and for marketers, it is providing much more diversity when it comes to promoting and getting video content visibility on social media.

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