4 Ways to Tell Your Social Media Strategy Needs an Overhaul

4 Ways to Tell Your Social Media

Just how important is a Social Media evaluation to improve one’s Social strategy?


How do you know when it’s time take a good look at your brand’s Social Media Marketing? How do you know if you should revamp your strategies and discard old tactics that are no longer working?  If you feel that your Social Media strategies are falling short, but don’t know how to audit, validate and confirm it, check out these 4 signs that your Social Media Marketing needs an overhaul!

Your Social Media Following is Falling Flat

Every Social media following may hit plateau now and then. Some pages can recover, but others might not be able to.  You’ll need to figure out why you’ve plateaued or the reasons for the decline. You’ll need to understand where the numbers are falling flat:

  • Have people been unfollowing your pages?
  • Have you been posting the same dull content for the whole quarter?
  • Have you done something to make them block you?
  • Have you been studying the social sites changes and have an understanding of the best practices?

Your social analytics should help you identify where you are lacking, so visit them regularly so you’ll get an idea of which posts get negative comments and which posts were reported as spam!

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If you ever see a ton of posts that do not appease your fans, it may be time to rethink your Social content strategy.

You are not Getting the Right Followers

Well, let’s face it ―not all followers are created equal. In some cases, you may have thousands of Social Media followers, but the number of quality followers may be nowhere near half.

Followers who do not truly contribute to conversation or engage in your posts may do little to nothing for your brand, so it is always important to check if you’re really sending the right message to the right followers.

  • Are your social media posts not only shareable, but also highly relevant to your fans?
  • Are you using the targetting features on Social Media platforms?
  • Are you selecting your lists and circles accordingly?
  • Are you using retargeting options when running Social media ads?

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If the answer to any of these questions is NO, then you need to start auditing your followers and connections. Weed out the lists that you don’t need and scale back on the audiences who do not meet your business objectives.

Your Social Media Posts Generate Low to Almost Zero Engagement

If you were to share content with a friend, that does not interest or concern them over and over again, chances are: they’d be annoyed. Same thing is true when telling your fans to like and share your totally unrelated posts about politics, when your business isn’t involved in politics.

If you’ve been posting unrelated or old content over and over again, fans may start to find them boring and ignore your posts, resulting in low to zero post engagement.

If you feel you’re seeing any of these signs on your pages, it may be time to makeover your content calendar!

  • Your post reach and impressions are consistently low
  • Your fans do not click, like, share and comment on your questions
  • Your fans only comment when they have something negative to say about your content
  • Your posts begin to look like it was only published for the sake of posting.


Your Closest Competitors are Doing it Better

…Or worse you don’t even know that they are!

Fact check: It is typically heartbreaking to learn that someone else is doing things better than you.  But if you are NOT looking at how you stack up against your competitors, then you’re missing out! A Successful brand strategizes by learning from competiors and seeing them as resources, instead of threats.

So if you think your competitors are

  • Getting more engagement than what you’re getting
  • Creating more meaningful, targeted and engaging posts than you do
  • Engaging to fans more than you should be

…then it may be time to audit, pay attention to what you see and up ultimately up your game to revamp your pages and strategy.

Here are some tips you can take action right now if you think these signs apply to your current Social Media Marketing Strategy:

  • Pick a team or outsource people to conduct a Social Media Audit for you.
  • Revisit your content calendar and content inventory
  • Review your brand messaging and social conversations

The revamp process may seem daunting, but once you’ve completed auditing and adjusting your strategy, it will help you in achieving and seeing better long term results.

But if ever you feel that you do not have enough time to audit and go through the revamp process, feel free to contact us. We’ll do the audit and revamp for you!

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Signs You Need Social Media Strategy Overhaul

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