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Our Infographic Creation Services

Infographics are simply put, a visual representation of a collection of data. The phenomenon around their creation and use in social media marketing today is based on a few important factors; Infographics are easy to consume, interesting, visually appealing and informative, all of which have long been key components to success in social media marketing.

Types of Infographics:

  • Statistical
  • Timeline
  • Process
  • Comparison
  • Geographical
  • Informative

Our team has years of experience creating infographics for just about every type of business, including a long list of fortune companies.

We utilize a multi-step process that has proven extremely effective in making sure you are provided high quality deliverables, that are geared to not only look great, but also help you accomplish your marketing goals.

Some examples of our work:

Here are a number of the elements we incorporate in our Infographic offering:

  • Quality Control - Right from the start, you will be asked to fill out our infographic information form, which will give us an idea of any specific topics you want to cover, along with important information about your brand and company, so that we can make custom infographics that fit your marketing goals.
  • Research - With numerous years of experience in the infographic space, we have identified a large number of trusted sources, along with fine tuned research methods, that allow us to have an unparalleled confidence in the accuracy of the data used in your projects. Additionally, we often actually contact the sources we are using, to make sure the data is timely and accurate.
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