Over the last 10 years, social media marketing has evolved substantially, becoming the most influential change to marketing in our lifetime.

Not only has it connected the world in ways never thought possible, it has bridged the gap between technology and society, offering a real time and personalized connection with friends, family, colleagues and… customers.

With over 25% of time spent online in a social community, about 50% of people counting on social media to make a purchase decision, over 80% of people indicating their friends directly influenced a purchase decision, and the fact that buyers are 66% to 90% done with their buying decision before ever visiting a vendor, you simply cannot afford for your marketing plans to not include social media.

At Kairay Media, we have over nine years of experience dedicated to social media marketing, allowing us to help you improve or create a marketing strategy that includes social media in an effective and meaningful way.

On-Site Training & Strategy Development

In today’s online marketing space, many companies have taken the steps to employ their own internal social media staff and teams.

However, with social media being so broad, and for many companies a new area of marketing all together, it is helpful to have someone with years of experience to review your company’s involvement and goals in social media, improve your teams understand of social media, and review and improve your social media strategy.

For more information on our On-Site Training & Strategy Development Services, click here.

Social Media Consulting

Social Media is by far the most popular form of online marketing today, but it can also be quite daunting for an individual or company trying to make sense of this fast changing and complex field.

We have years of experience, not just in social media marketing, but with helping hundreds of companies evolve their marketing strategies and methods to incorporate current and cutting edge social media marketing strategies.

If you know you want to engage in social media, but are not quite sure how, or if you have a social media marketing strategy, and need an experienced set of eyes and opinions, then we can help you with our tailored consulting services.

For more information on our Social Media Consulting Services, click here.

Content Marketing Services

Content Marketing is the process of showcasing quality content throughout a variety of highly visible platforms, such as social aggregation sites, social communities, blogs, portals, and even email and messaging services. This service combines both natural and paid opportunities to provide your content the highest level of targeted visibility as possible.

We provide quality content marketing services in a variety of sites such as Google+, Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and many other communities and sites.

With over eight years of experience running social media campaigns in the top social sites, we have developed effective strategies, along with some of the more powerful social media accounts and profiles. All of this allows us to provide a content marketing service we not only believe in, but use ourselves on a number of internal projects.

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Infographic Creation Services

Infographics are, simply put, a visual representation of a collection of data. The phenomenon around their creation and use in social media marketing today is based on a few important factors; Infographics are easy to consume, interesting, visually appealing and informative, all of which have long been key components to success in social media marketing.

We partner with Pixel Road Designs, the best marketing design firm, to make sure your Infographic will perform to its fullest potential in social media.

For more information on Infographic Creation Services, click here.

Social Profile Creation and Management

Whether you’re a person or business, if you are looking to succeed online, you need a high quality and effective social profile. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and even Pinterest, have become the new marketplace to build your brand, find customers, and manage your outreach and customer service efforts.

We can help you create high quality and effective Social Profiles, along with a developed strategy to grow and maintain your presence in the top social profile sites. We can even grow and maintain those accounts for you, so that you can spend your time on other important things for you business.

For more information on our Social Profile Creation and Management Services, click here.

Social Ads

Social Advertising represents content that’s displayed to the user on a variety of popular and widely used social networks, social aggregation sites, and sharing sites. Ads are strategically blended into the social sites that will best represent your campaign.

Our Social Ads service is the best way to purchase engaged visitors that don’t feel forced into content.

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