StumbleUpon Adds Likes and Stumbler Search Capabilities

One of the top requests that StumbleUpon users have had for a while now, has been the ability to search through their likes, to find old content they want to see or reference again.

This last week, without any real announcement,  StumbleUpon has finally provided this ability within your profile, as well as in the Discover stumblers section.

If you visit your online profile section on StumbleUpon, you will notice a search box that when used, will search all your likes for anything with your searched word or phrase in its title.

Additionally, you can also search your Connections from your profile page or any user from the Discover Stumblers page, to quickly find individuals you are looking for. You might also consider using this Discover Stumblers search to find targeted users who have specific keywords in their username.

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