Speaking at SMX West and Other Updates

It is just about March already, which means time is flying and SMX West is just about here.

I was invited to speak on three sessions, and if you are attending the event and want to catch them, the information is below:

  • Social Media Automation: The Good & Bad (Tuesday, March 12 @ 5:00pm)I will be speaking on Pinterest Automation, discussing the various elements that can be automated to help grow your presence and succeed one of the fastest growing social communities ever. Nicole Munoz, Start Ranking Now, Inc. and Amy Vernon, Internet Media Labs, will be joining me and should make for a really great panel.
  • Social Media Clinic (Wednesday, March 13 @ 10:45am)The clinic, like many clinics, will allow for an open forum to ask specific questions about social media marketing in general, and how it applies to your business or projects. Greg Finn will be joining me and should be fun, so long as people come with awesome questions :).
  • Social Media Ads (Wednesday, March 13 @ 1:00pm)I will be staying away from the more traditional sites, and talking about the things we have learned using StumbleUpon and Reddit’s advertising platforms. I will be joined by the amazing Merry Morud, aimClear, which means this panel is going to rock!

As always, I am completely open to answering any questions, grabbing a drink, or just chatting anytime, so please feel free to grab me if you see me.

Last week, ‘Twitter launched an API for advertisers Wednesday, a move designed to help the social network boost revenues to better compete with its Internet ad competitors.’ I was asked by E-Commerce Times to share some thoughts on what the launch would mean for the company, so check out the article.


Also last week, I was invited on Trademark Productions’ weekly podcast, to discuss a number of things that businesses need to consider, to improve their success in social media. As usual, I talked a lot, so feel free to check it out.


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