Pinterest Adds Categories and Tweaks Pinning Process

Pinterest, one of the fastest growing social media sites ever, has been having a hard time addressing some of their recent bugs and issues, but it has not stopped them from rolling out a number of cosmetic changes to the site and the user experience.

This includes a few changes we noticed on the site this week, such as new board categories for Quotes, Tattoos, and Weddings.

According to their blog,  “All our old categories have also been improved so you should see less miscategorized pins as you browse. We’ll always be adjusting our technologies to make them more accurate, but we really appreciate the feedback we received to get us to this point.”

They have also tweaked some category names that are more ideal. For example, “Pets” is now “Animals”, and “Prints & Posters” is freshly minted as “Illustrations & Posters”.

But just today, we spotted another minor change that Pinterest has launched on their site. When you repin an image, there is now a repin window that pops up, spins around and shows the repinned image to you.

On this new repinning experience, pinning is not only more visually appealing with animation, but it also shows you where else the image was pinned. This seems like their way of recommending boards with similar interests.

Did you find this new repinning experience cool? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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