Facebook Testing Out Comment Threading, Adds Reply Button

Last October, Facebook finally allowed its users to insert smileys and other emoticons in their comments. But just this morning, we spotted another Facebook comment feature that may help improve communication on the Social site.

Facebook has started testing a new reply to comments feature, which enables users to respond on a specific comment on a Facebook thread. With this new feature, you will not only be able to ‘like’ users’ comments, but you can also reply to their comments directly.

We first spotted this feature on a Filipino-based Facebook page wherein I replied to a comment made by one user.

Note that when replying to a comment, users will be able to ‘Like’ your ‘Reply’, and you’ll get a notification when they do so. You will also receive a notification when a friend replies to a similar comment thread you are in.

Facebook has been really improving their commenting system with these new features.  Do you think that this will help increase user’s and brand’s engagement on Facebook? Share your thoughts with us below :)

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Kristel Cuenta
As Social Media Manager, Kit is responsible for managing our client’s social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and other social channels. She is in charge of planning and executing audience engagement and development strategies.
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