Facebook Rolls Out ‘Promote’ Button on Personal Profiles

In general, the reach of any content posted on Facebook pages is limited to a small percentage of its followers; currently around 17%. This is due to Facebook’s algorithm ‘Edgerank’, which uses a handful of factors to determine which followers will see your updates.

There are a number of ways you can improve you chances of having your updates seen by more of your followers, but Facebook has also rolled out a paid system called Facebook Promoted Posts, which enables fanpages to improve the reach of their content by promoting their recent posts.

Initially only available to fanpages, Facebook has started rolling the feature out to some Personal profiles.

Introducing Facebook Promoted Posts for Personal Profiles

Facebook ‘Promoted Posts’ allows the promotion of any type of post you create to ‘bump your important links, news, and photos, higher in news feed.’

Once the tool becomes available to your profile, you will see a ‘Promote’ button on every recent post you create.

How to Use Promoted Posts for Personal Profiles

1) Select a recent post and click ‘Promote’.

2) Pay to Promote 

The price appears to be based on the size of your audience, which in my case was $1.30.

Users have several payment options to choose from to promote their posts.

3) Once you have paid, the promoted posts will be visible in your friends’ news feed, ‘higher’ and ‘more exposed’ than other updates in their news feed.

While Facebook Promoted Posts for Pages works more on getting you in the news feed of more fans, Facebook Promoted posts for Personal profiles works on marking your promoted posts as highly important.

This is good news to many individuals who use their personal profiles professionally, but it is causing some confusion and annoyance to some normal users who just don’t understand why it is there.

How about you? How will you be using this feature?

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  • What is still insidious about FaceBook is the anti-competitive way it does NOT show posted link posts even to the 15-17% people it shows FB based posts to.