The Digital Advertising Age is Here to Stay (Infographic)

With everything from phones to refrigerators going digital these days we thought this Infographic from R.O.I. Media did a really great job of outlining the current state and future of digital advertising.

You don’t need to be a marketer to realize that print ad is going downhill fast, but the pace at which digital advertising is picking up the slack is amazing.  One of the staggering swings that I noticed was that in the term of one year Newspaper ad spend lost 10% while internet ad spend increased by 14%.

I believe that Social Ads will soon become a giant in the world of digital advertising, especially as popular news sites, video sites, and other websites continue to integrate with social sites.

Click the image below to display the full Infographic.

Written by

Jake Filan

Jake Filan

As Director of Social Ads at Kairay Media, Jake manages all the Social Ad campaigns for clients providing strategies that integrate a natural approach with quality advertised content which in turn leads to engaged visitors that don’t feel forced into content.
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