Case Study: Modcloth – Social Media Promotions for Product Pages

We have been fortunate here at Kairay Media to have worked with some of the largest brands in the world, including Modcloth, which turned out to be one of our biggest challenges to overcome. Modcloth is an American online retailer of indie and vintage-inspired women’s clothing.

Campaign Goal

Modcloth came to us with a goal of not only improving their social media standing across the web, but also increasing sales for their many different products. 

This collection of campaigns was both challenging and exciting, as it has not been particularly easy to promote individual products through social media over the years, but we were determined to make it work.

Approach Used

We had two primary focus points for our campaigns; to pick products that were unique and having interesting features and to pick products with really interesting product images.

Our team would meet prior to every campaign to ensure the product selected, as well as how it was presented through social with its title, description, and images, would not result in any negative feedback or community backlash, which could have hurt the Modcloth brand. We would then make sure to promote the products we selected  only to social communities that would actually appreciate them, following comments and reactions to continue to learn what products performed best and where.

Social Communities and Platforms Engaged

Campaigns were run on all major social media platforms with a special emphasis on Facebook, Reddit and Pinterest. 

All campaigns were shared through our controlled network of Facebook pages, Twitter and Pinterest accounts, which have an audience of well over a million people, but we were very specific in our promotion on Reddit. We selected the sub-reddits very carefully, reviewing previous products and activity levels, to identify if the product would perform well and what time was best for submitting. We also took the time on Pinterest to really pick the best possible product images and write custom descriptions that would appeal to the audience the submission was going to reach.

Campaign Numbers

20+ campaigns

Facebook 10K+ Likes, Shares & Comments

  • 15 campaigns with over 100 Likes, Shares & Comments
  • 05 campaigns with over 500 Likes, Shares & Comments
  • 03 campaigns with over 1K Likes, Shares & Comments

Twitter 2K+ Tweets & Retweets

  • 09 campaigns with over 50 Tweets & Retweets
  • 05 campaigns with over 100 Tweets & Retweets
  • 02 campaigns with over 500 Tweets & Retweets

Google+ 4K+ +1s, Shares, Comments

  • 11 campaigns with over 50 +1s, Shares, Comments
  • 08 campaigns with over 100 +1s, Shares, Comments
  • 05 campaigns with over 500 +1s, Shares, Comments

Reddit 5K+ Score on submissions

  • 07 campaigns with over 50 score
  • 06 campaigns with over 100 score
  • 02 campaigns with over 500 score

Pinterest 50K+ Pins & Repins

  • 21 campaigns with over 100 Pins & Repins
  • 13 campaigns with over 1K Pins & Repins
  • 03 campaigns with over 5K Pins & Repins
  • 01 campaign with over 10K Pins & Repins


Almost all the campaigns were successful on Reddit, Facebook, and Pinterest, as well as many other social networks. Several of our Reddit submissions reached the front page and held the top spot in their respective sub-reddits. Many products received over 1,000 repins and likes on Pinterest, as well as additional natural shares from Modcloth as a result of the campaigns.

We were able to improve Modcloth’s standing in social media, increase traffic, and increase sales during this collection of campaigns.

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