Adwars Google vs. Facebook! Infographic

Adwars Google vs. Facebook! (Infographic)

Advertising is cutthroat business and the business of online advertising is quickly becoming the battle of two Goliaths, Facebook and Google. Check out this cool infographic from Wordstream that lays out the advertising battle for you.

It’s not surprising that Facebook is loosing this fight right now as they have recently come under some heat with their ad-generated Likes labeled “fake.”

One thing for sure is that this competition starts with advertising, but is a gateway into everything else the web has to offer, and it’s not going away. Facebook has been rumored to have interest in buying a search engine and it’s probably only a matter of time until they do or they develop their own, while Google launched a robust social platform G+ last year.

It seems we have a Cold War type Space Race going on to see who can be the first to internet domination.

Adwars Google vs. Facebook! Infographic

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