8 Ways to Improve Your Facebook Edgerank, Engagement, and Success

We have been providing content marketing and social promotion services for many years, and although we used Facebook as a part of that marketing, we never really focused on it as a major channel. This was in part due to the fact that everything was private amongst networks and because people were really initially using Facebook as purely a social tool to connect with close friends and family.

As the years have passed, Facebook has grown into a great channel for content marketing. As such, we have continued to spend a good amount of time understanding how to best succeed with using Facebook in our content marketing campaigns.

Recently, on June 17, 2012, our Social Media Manager, Kristel Cuenta, decided to post a pretty funny picture on one of my personal fanpages for the offbeat news site Weird Asia News.

The fanpage has grown naturally over the years and had about 20,000 likes, but the engagement was dismal because I had never really spent any time on the page updating or engaging the fans at all.

In fact, the page was updating all its content from the site through RSS Graffiti, which is a popular RSS app to update your Facebook fanpages. (I prefer Post Planner to RSS Graffiti though)

The above mentioned update, shown below, was an Image update, which is known to have about 4x the engagement of any other update type, and it quickly got over 1,000 shares and likes, with over 200 comments.

The success of this particular update really got me wondering what I could accomplish with a fanpage that had for years been just auto updating content from an RSS feed and was reaching less than 1% of its fan base.

Further, it got me thinking that a lot of companies often express concern that they just do not have the dedicated staff or the time to really effectively manage their Facebook fanpages.

So I decided that for one month, I would implement a really simple Facebook strategy, which anyone could accomplish, and would only take about 30 minutes a day to implement.

The Results?!?

Two days after the initial ‘Only in Japan’ photo update above, we posted another funny image to the fanpage, which was also quite successful.

This update got almost 1,250 shares and over 550 likes.

It was shortly after this second success, that we saw a massive jump in our Facebook insight reports for the page, going from a reach of about 5,000 to around 330,000.

In addition to the increase in Reach and other stats, we also saw a direct increase in traffic from Facebook to our site.

Following this second success, we continued to experiment with all types of updates and types of content, taking note of what was having a better result overall for the page and the insights.

Note that after the two initial successful photo updates, we saw a decrease in most of our insight data, but we were also more focused on experimenting than trying to recreate the same success level as the first couple photos had.

A month later, here were the results of our efforts:

Reach and Frequency

Talking About the Page


Note that this case study is using an offbeat fanpage, which has a lot of flexibility in the type of content it can use for updates. However, we did this across about 10 other fanpages, with varied niches, and received pretty much the exact same results.

The Strategy and 8 Ways You Can Improve Your Facebook Edgerank (and Success!)

So as I mentioned above, we wanted to implement a strategy using a handful of steps that would take a person or company, no more than 30 minutes a day to accomplish.

If after reading all this you still just feel like you don’t have the confidence or the time to do it yourself, you can always contact us about our Social Profile Creation and Management services.

Note that many of these will seem quite simple, but that is the beauty of everything we did and will be recommending.

1) Make Your Profile Look Like You Actually Care

There are a number of basic elements to any Facebook fanpage, such as your Profile picture, Cover photo, About section, and various thumbnail elements you can add like Photos, Videos, and other Apps.

Taking the time to add these elements, will help others to take your fanpage more serious and potentially ‘like’ it.

I like to add a number of good and relevant photos and images, so that when I feature those sections as thumbnails, there is a lot of good content available to help influence someone to like my page.

I also think that if you have a good number of likes already, that showing your like thumbnail can help influence more likes, as people associate a lot of likes as a quality measure.

2) Limit Clutter at the Top of Your Fanpage

As marketers, you all know the value of above the fold content and how important it is to make a first impression fast.

Allowing the option to show the box for ‘Recent Posts by Others’ on the top of your page and having a large number of likes by your fanpage (which show on the top right of your fanpage), both push your updates further down the page.

3) Make Daily Manual Updates

Facebook made a recent change to their share link that has gone pretty much without notice. They moved the share link in 3rd party updates from within the update, down next to the comment link, just like it is when you do manual updates. They also fixed an issue that would close your browser if you shared content that was updated by 3rd party apps.

It is definitely useful in many scenarios to automatically update your Facebook fanpage, but I would highly suggest making at least one manual update per day, if not more.

It really takes all of about 3 minutes to make a manual update and if you have the time to do so, it will improve the impression new visitors have of your page.

4) Pin Your Best Updates to the Top      

Each week, pick the best update that really showcases what your page is all about, and use the Pin to Top feature, which will pin the update to the top of your page for 7 days.

5) Use Photo Updates

It might seem simple enough, but all studies have shown that on average a photo update gets about 4 times to engagement as any other type of post.

As your starting to think ‘well then, I will just do all photo updates from now on’, remember the following considerations:

  • Each user has the ability to block specific types of updates, so if you start updating a bunch of photos all the time, some people might decide to simply block all photo updates from you. This would be very bad since they are the most effective updates you can make.
  • Photo updates go right into your subscribers news feed, so if the image is not safe for work or something that people might find offensive, then you are likely to find people will start un-liking your page quickly.
  • Photo updates do not count towards your Facebook buttons like count on your site, so if that is something you find important, you might consider that as well.

6) Ask Questions

Another super simple concept, but asking some sort of question in your updates description can lead to comments, which are a key factor in Affinity (one of the 3 parts of Edgerank)

7) Add Your Fanpage URL to Your Updates Description

Another key factor in Affinity, is to have people visit your fanpage. By adding your fanpage’s URL to the description, you can get more people to visit your fanpage, where before they might have just visited the source or read your update from their timeline without any sort of interaction.

8) Check ‘Recent Posts by Others’ Regularly

Responding to comments and questions, especially if you can influence them into commenting a second time, is a great way to boost your affinity and getting people to like your comments can help improve your Edge Weight.

Additionally, if your subscribers are providing you quality updates, you can easily share them to your fanpage as another manual update for the day and influence more people to post on your fanpage.

Facebook is the social gathering spot online, the mall or the cafe of the online world, and as we find people spending more and more of their time online, you will want to make sure you and your company are visible where the majority of your potential customers are spending their time.

So get off your butt and try some of these really simple steps that will absolutely improve your Edgerank, Engagement, and Success on Facebook.

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