6 Reasons to Utilize Infographics in Your Content Marketing Strategy

We are now living in an age wherein more than one billion pieces of content are created every day. With that large amount of data, some readers are continuously collating, organizing, and curating data either by bookmarking pages, saving files in folders, or even manually jotting them down in a notepad.

With that in mind, marketers have sought a solution to take large amounts of information and present it in a visual shorthand. This way of curating the best of text, designs and images to communicate complex data in a visually compelling format is called Infographics.

Infographics come in different formats – charts, diagrams, graphs, cartoons, interactive, video, or even hand-drawn illustrations.

Utilizing infographics has been in continuous demand for content marketing as it brings life to boring, pale, and unshareable content, as well as enhancing already interesting content.

Infographics are usually spread heavily through social media – giving extra exposure to content and the brand when shared, liked, and voted on.

Here are 6 more reasons to utilize Infographics to your content marketing strategy:

1) Learning Occurs Visually

According to studies, 83% of human learning occurs visually. With that in mind, developing an effective marketing strategy that will resonate with your visually-inclined audience is important.

Utilizing infographics in your will help you stick out and get your targeted audience’s attention.

2) Less is More

Reading pages of information, especially for those who have short attention span, is an overwhelming task. In fact, the majority of people give up and just move on to other easier content to read.

Why waste their time scanning through a lot of information, when they can actually just get highlights from an Infographic alone.

Creating Infographics will help your audience digest information easily, which can lead to visitors sticking around longer and returning more often.

3) Infographics Spice Up Your Data & Brand

An infographic is a combination of vital information and visually appealing design. Mere words and  text are sometimes dull, boring and less grabbing.

An effective Infographic contains a perfectly crafted design that uses a combination of eye-catching elements such as color, imagery, layout, and fonts, on top of its compelling content.

By integrating Infographics to your marketing strategy, you are not only bringing quality content to the public, but also spicing up your brand – making you stand out from the crowd.

4) When Words Fail, Infographics Speak

Day by day, we see continued growth of visually-stimulating social networking sites like Pinterest, Visual.ly, Pinfographics and Facebook. Your prospects and customers may be on at least a couple of these sites.

Getting on these Social sites using Infographics helps you shape the story of your brand and speaks volumes about your business.

5) Infographics are Link and Share-Worthy Content

SEO-wise, an Infographic can be a great linkbait that encourages publishers to link back to your website. Quality Infographics naturally get shared on blogs, social media sites, publisher sites, and other visual media websites.

Note that when using Infographics for linkbaiting, you should make sure the graphic is on target with your niche, completely accurate, and very high quality. Avoid providing template embed codes, as Google is starting to get wary of companies making low quality infographics and putting sneaking links in the embed codes.

6) Infographics Drive Action

A beautifully-made Infographic can trigger response because of the 5 factors given above. It should be able to engage your audience and motivate them to act. Thus, resulting in getting unique visitors to your blog, increased customer retention, and more over, bring in potential customers.

Those are just 6 of the several reasons why you should be utilizing Infographics in your content marketing strategy. Whatever your goal is; whether to build your brand or to generate leads, prospects and customers, consider using Infographics.

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