11 Examples of Why Video Infographics Rock

Over the last year or so, we have seen quite an increase in the demand for Video Infographics. However, companies have been creating and using them with great success, for quite some time.

Like Mint’s ‘One Trillion Dollars Visualized’ Video Infographic from back in 2009.

Or this amazingly creative one from 2009 about Growing Up.

However, the first time I was really influenced by a Video Infographic was when RSA Animate started making them for keynote speeches. Their ‘Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us’ was extremely interesting and was a topic I might not have really dived as deeply into, had it not been for their very interesting whiteboard animation of the speech by Dan Pink.

Shortly after viewing that, sharing it with everyone I knew, and then watching more of The RSA’s Animate series, I came across a great Video Infographic about Google, ‘The Beast File‘, which has a really amazing surprise at the end.

It was this video that really got me excited about the possibilities of Video Infographics in general.

Since then we have seen an explosion of Video Infographics, some alright and some that are really great. I have gathered together some of my favorite to share below: National Geographic’s ‘Are You Typical?

CEO.com’s How Social Are CEO’s


CommonCraft’s Social Media in Plain English

Water Changes Everything

The World is Obsessed with Facebook

Oracle Exadata is very creative, as it draws your interest into the growing data storage issues and then smoothly transitions into how they will solve it with their product. All the time, keeping you very interested and barely noticing that they are now branding and selling you their product.

Have some of your own favorite Video Infographics? Feel free to link them below in the comments!

If you are looking to create some of your own, and need some help, then contact us to discuss our Video Infographic services.

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